By Zaid Taji Farouki

Marc Jacobs Show

So I did not get to see the Marc Jacobs show last night, but this morning I got to see it! The tribute he paid to the 60’s was quite stunning! The color pallet may not have many fluorescent colors- BUT AGAIN THE RED! and the lines of course!!    My favorite piece of all?


Marc Jacobs Photo taken by Yannis Vlamos/

New York Fashion Week part 2

What a day!! If there is a standing ovation today I believe it should be given to Carolina Herrera! She also proves exactly what the color of the season is going to be  Light Cadmium Red. The runway show is in every way breathtaking the red lace and the cuts are breathtaking! Take a look at these photos. ImageTaken by Fillippo Flor/

ImageTaken by Fillippo Flor/

The bottom dress is the definition of effortlessly chic. The see through material creates such movement that adds to the effect of the dress!