By Zaid Taji Farouki

Milan Fashion Week / Blumarine

Blumarine’s collection did not have many bright colors. But in this collection all I could see was the simplicity of the clothing and how it was translated- (The beauty is in the clothing’s simplicity bright colors would have ruined it). I could clearly see what type of customer Blumarine is targeting and the scenarios they imagine their customer to be in. For example from the pictures that I have chosen I definitely see a woman in her thirties spending her summer vacation next to the beach with upscale lunches, dinners, and events to attend every. 


ImagePhoto Taken By FIllipo Flor/ 

Milan Fashion Week/ Etro

The Etro collection was just previewed in Milan, and all I could think about is how good Etro can use prints and incorporate them so easily into their designs. The more I see this year from the runways the more I realize that men and women’s fashion are somehow switching objectives. Women’s clothing is becoming more loose and easily to maneuver in (to attend to the demands of working women), While men’s fashion now tends now to be fitter. Take a look at Etro’s collection and tell me what you think? Here are my favorite pieces.


Photo Taken By Filipo Flor/



Photo Taken By Filipo Flor/