By Zaid Taji Farouki

Daily Obsessions

Yesterday as I was trying to finish up the shopping list that my family sent me, as I entered the Armani store. I saw this handbag and loved it. I have always liked the color grey on handbags, It’s not black that you can’t wear it with brown, and its not brown that you can’t wear it with black, grey allows you to wear it with both colors. I hope you like it!


Daily Obsessions

This piece by Fa├žonnable is not hard to find, but there is something about the buttons being on the shoulder that makes it more intriguing. It gives it the illusion of children’s clothing, is it possible that it conveys some form of innocence to the man wearing it? I believe our subconscious plays in this somehow making us assume stuff based on past experiences. I wonder if other people feel this way about this piece.


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