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Milan Men’s Fashion Week

So fashion week finals kicks in and Milan is going crazy as usual. Endless parties, endless outfits, and endless good looking people. Here are some images from today’s street style! Enjoy!


To kick off the world cup in style and fashion I was invited to the Shiseido event in Sephora in Milan. The theme of the event was “Brazilian Summer Party”. Everything there was perfectly setting the mood for the first game of the season! The music, the drinks, the fruits being passed around, and not to forget the scorching heat! (Yes Milan has been having an abnormal heat wave, where two showers a day won’t even cool you down). Here are some images from the event!

Also an update on my life I just got to Rome today! I will update you about my first day here in Roma tomorrow! But for now I better start getting ready for dinner! Arrivederci!

P.S. It looks like I am doing some sort of a dougie but trust me I wasn’t. I was just rocking some great harem pants (shirwal), a top from Zara, a shirt from Ralph Lauren around my waist, and my favorite Dolce & Gabbana shoes.

World Cup Fashion

So the world cup has started… SURPRISE! Whether you live under a rock or somewhere on another planet you’ve probably heard the fans screaming at their TV’s. You’ve probably seen this phenomenon that even Freud didn’t predict, men stocking food and drinks but don’t get me wrong its not for apocalypse its for the games. Yes, if there were aliens studying our habits they will conclude that the TV is hypnosis and its not a relaxing one. It’s a drunk, screaming, anxious spell that has been cast on 95% of the world’s Men and a mere 35% of women’s population.

We always know that when men compete their cave man instincts come out and there is nothing stopping them from doing things that would piss off the opposing team. Some teams want to compete on every level that took their competition to their looks and how they present themselves. In comes England and Italy, two countries known for their men’s tailoring, with Marks & Spencer on the left with England in grey and Dolce & Gabbana on the right with Italy in navy blue, LET THE MEN COMPETE! I will let you be the referee on who wins the best suit! Keep in mind, a suit for a woman is the equivalent to what lingerie is to a man!

Pictures were taken from GQ, Getty, Huffington post, and Dolce & Gabbana

Learn Italian From Dolce & Gabbana Models

Have you ever been interested in learning Italian? Well Dolce & Gabbana models and Swide magazine can teach you a few hand gestures that can make you fluent with the language. Enjoy and may you always be taught languages by Dolce & Gabbana models. I am guessing if models taught us languages we would be fluent in them in no time. dg1





Cannes Film Festival

So The Cannes Film Festival ended and I can’t get over the looks and the jewelry. The things that I would do to be in Cannes this time of year. The celebrities wore Elie Saab, Dolce and Gabbana, Marchesa, Zuhair Murad, Chopard, Dior, Bulgari and thats to name a few. Here are my favorite looks from The Cannes Film Festival.

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Pictures were taken from, Getty Images, WireImage, Newscom

Statement Pieces

Anyone that knows me knows that I love untraditional pants that speak volumes. I love harem pants I own them in any way possible – formal, casual, shorts, and sweat pants.  Today I laid my eyes on these gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana pants, these pants are what I need this summer. I personally like the pants with the blue print more than the brown one.

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! Christus resurrexit! Resurrexit vere!

I was out to brunch yesterday with a group of friends that I haven’t seen in a while. It was a beautiful day out in Washington DC, the weather was beautiful and everyone was out for the National Cherry Blossom Festival and The Kite Festival. Here are some pictures of what I wore yesterday:

Shoes and Shirt: Dolce & Gabbana. Pants: Gant. Belt: Roberto Verino.

photo 1


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Graduation Gifts

My friend contacted me yesterday asking for advice on which bag to buy as a graduation present from her parents.Our finalists were as follows: The Louis Vuitton Alma bag in Indian Rose, The Dolce & Gabbana beige sicily bag, the blue Lady Dior bag, and the orange Alexander McQueen Heroine.

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Dolce & Gabbana – Fall 2013

For the past few seasons Dolce & Gabbana have been creating runway shows that celebrate Italy. Their tribute expands all the way from Roman mosaics to Italy of the 20’s & 30’s and all the way to the 60’s fashion. Whenever I watch any of Dolce & Gabbana’s runway shows I can see the typical Italian family who live on a vineyard, that are having dinner and after a few bottles of wine they raise up the music and celebrate the coming together of their family. The highest form of fashion to me is the ability to pay tribute to ones heritage and traditional clothing but translating it to a universal form that transcends every culture, making ever person dream of wearing every article of clothing in the collection. Here are my favorite looks from the collection:

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Photos were taken by Alessandro Viero & Filipo Flor