By Zaid Taji Farouki

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Born In A System

Considering how to present our collections from this day forward as an artist and the creative designer for the brand I have decided that we will not abide by the fashion system of showing months before the collection is ready in the atelier, or even the necessity to have a 6 month interval between each collection. As my creations will have pieces that will go with the season it will be presented in. As an artist that uses fashion as his medium the emergence of a new theme for my creations will appear once I feel that I have presented everything that I have. And a new distinct theme and circumstance have taken over my conscience and it becomes what I notice every minute of every hour of every day.

Inspired by Claude Monet’s fascination with Water Lilies and painting over 250 oil paintings of them until his death. I knew I had to follow his art of obsession. I Imagine my creations with every breath and living moment, I envision my woman in her surrounding moving to the sound of her own drums. Then one day my eyes encouter a beautiful subject across a pond, allowing me to forget the past and move forward wandering and studying her art of seduction, it’s features, and its ever growing beauty in my eyes and therefore a new muse and theme arise.

أصمم مجموعتي بنظره مستوحاه من أفكاري و معتقداتي الفنية ، فاقدم الأزياء من بعد أن أتخيل و استلهم من ما يدور من حولي ، مع كل نفس و لحظه في يومي لاخرجها بصبغه فنيه فأنا أعامل تصاميمي كمجموعه فنيه كامله و أقوم بإصدارها وتنفيذها و إنتاجها تباعا، حتى أشعر بإكتمال لنظرتي الفنيه  ولفكرة العمل و تقديمها بما يليق بها حتى وإن إمتد الأسلوب لأكثر من موسم فأنا لا أعتمد أسلوب العرض التقليدي و النظام المتبع له. أستهوي اسلوب الفنان كلود مونييه في التعبير عن إبداعاته الفنيه بإستمراره بإستنفاذ كل أساليب الرسم لزهره الزنبقه المائيه حتى وصل إنتاجه إلى ٢٥٠ لوحه فنيه فأرى نفسي أقرب إلى إنتهاج دربه في التعبير الفني عن نفسي.

أتخيل إمرأه تتواجد في بركه ماء تجذبني تسرقني من ما هو حولي لأنسى نفسي معها وأتقرب إليها لتغويني فأرى جمالها يتزايد في عيني و ينشاء في وجداني و عقلي عشق جديد و تسآئل أكبر يشغل عقلي فتترآى لي أفكاري و يبدأ إستلهامي.

En ce qui concerne la façon dont nous allons présenter nos collections a partir de ce jour : En tant qu’artiste et Designer de la marque, j’ai décidé que nous n’allons pas suivre le système classique du monde de la mode, qui consiste a montrer la collection avant que celle-ci ne soit prête à l’atelier, ou encore avoir six mois d’intervalle entre chaque collection. En effet, mes créations contiendront certaines pièces qui seront en harmonie avec la saison où ces dernières vont être présentées.

En tant qu’artiste qui considère la mode comme une inspiration, la naissance d’un nouveau thème pour mes créations n’apparaitra qu’une fois que je sentirai avoir tout donné et présenté. C’est à cet instant que ma conscience peut être envahi par un nouveau thème distinct. Ainsi, celui ci deviendra mon obsession, chose que j’observerai chaque minute de la journée.

Cependant, inspiré par la fascination de Claude Monet par les Nymphéas et également par les 250 peintures à l’huile, qu’il a produites jusqu’à la fin de ses jours, je savais que je devais suivre son chemin et m’inspirer de son art pour l’obsession.

Chaque instant de la vie et chaque souffle contribuent à l’imagination de mes créations. Effectivement, j’imagine chaque mouvement de la femme : de ses gestes au son de ses propres battements.

Et puis un jour, mes yeux se posent sur une créature divine traversant une rivière, qui me permet d’oublier le passé et me consacrer à l’avenir, pensant et essayant de comprendre son art de séduction, ses traits et sa beauté qui ne cesse de croitre à mes yeux.

Ainsi, une nouvelle muse et un nouveau thème prennent place.


Milan Men’s Fashion Week

So fashion week finals kicks in and Milan is going crazy as usual. Endless parties, endless outfits, and endless good looking people. Here are some images from today’s street style! Enjoy!

Temperley London – Fall 2013

I couldn’t help but realize that Audrey Hepburn is the inspiration behind this collection, I can see the connection between the looks and Audrey Hepburn’s style. Take a look at my favorite looks from the collection:

Photos were taken by Yannis Vlamos

Fall 2013 – Dior Homme

I loved the belts that were included in the collection, it visually gives the wearer a smaller waist. Furthermore, during the collection many shirts and suits and a geometrical design in it (the circle with the triangle in the middle), I may not be the biggest fan of this print or shape, but I enjoyed the collection as a whole. Take a look at my favorite pieces from the collection:

all photos were taken by Yannis Vlamos/ gorunway

Fall 2013 – Valentino

I enjoyed watching this Valentino runway show, I specially loved the leather stripe that they added to the coats. I also enjoyed the leather jackets, what I loved most about them is the clean cuts. Enjoy the collection!

All above photos were taken by Marcus Tondo/ gorunway

Fall 2013 – Louis Vuitton

The pictures below are my favorite looks from the Louis Vuitton runway. I specially loved the orange-brown leather jacket, and the blue velvet tuxedo with the printed pants.Enjoy!

All above photos were taken by Yannis Vlamos / Gorunway

Pre-Fall 2013 – Gucci

So as you all may know, over this week designers have been showing their Pre-Fall collections. Yesterday Gucci previewed theirs, this collection reminded me so much of the fashion of the 20’s and 30’s. The belt used is throwing me off sometimes but I hope you like it as much as I did! Here are my favorite pieces.

PS click on the pictures to enlarge them

Pictures were taken from Gucci

Chanel Métiers d’Art – Scotland

Remember Chanel’s Indian inspired runway show last year? If not please take a look at my previous post. This year the Chanel runway show took place in Scotland in the ruins of the  Linlithgow Palace. I tried my best to find the video of the runway show but because this happened a few hours ago I couldn’t find anything except some media coverages. I will post the video on the blog as soon as I can find it. But for now we can settle for highlights of the collection. So please look at the photos below and just dream.

Ps. There is one photo below of a man with a child. I wish that is how I will be looking on a typical day 10 to 15 years down the line taking a stroll with my child. Enjoy it and just dream!

Click on the images below to enlarge them. Also here is a video of the news coverage and it has some glimpses from the fashion show. (click here to see the news coverage)

Chanel Métiers d’Art – Bombay

The same time last year Chanel created an extravagant runway show in Paris. The inspiration to this collection was Bombay, India. I have posted this video to show you how beautiful the setting and collections were. As this post will be the backdrop of the next post please make sure to read the post that is soon to come.  The next post is about this year’s runway show (which took place a few hours ago) it was set in Scotland in the ruins of Linlithgow Palace.

I hope you enjoy last years collection and don’t forget to read the next post, so you can see how beautiful the Scottish inspired show turned out to be. Enjoy!