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I just graduated from American University on the 12th. The feeling was great but I was so scared at the same time. Because the next few years is the time I need to prove myself. I hope everything works out like I want and I can pursue my plans for the future. But for now lets talk about what I wore to the events. There was the graduation outfit and the dinner party outfit.

For the graduation ceremony I wore a black and white double breasted jacket with white pants and shirt and velvet blue Del Toro shoes.

For the dinner party I wore a gray-ish blue double breasted jacket and pants with black laced shoes.



Yesterday I was out shopping for a graduation suit and at the end I couldn’t settle for one because there are so many options. I saw a full suit at Hugo Boss. Its a normal black suit but its a great slim fit. On the other hand I saw these two jackets at Emporio Armani that I loved. But the downside is that I will have to go looking for matching pants.

About Me – Part 2

Today I am not going to be writing about my daily obsessions, or my finds, or even fashion shows. Today I want the people reading this blog to get to know me better. On Monday I received my acceptance from Istituto Marangoni in Milan to study fashion design. At this point in my life I could not be more true to myself.

I am graduating from American University in Washington DC in three weeks with a major in Business administration, Marketing concentration and a minor in Studio Art. But all my life something has drawn me to fashion and the creative process behind it. How a piece being designed in Milan or Paris translates across languages and cultures and no matter your background you always try to look better. After graduating high school the wise thing to do for me at that time was study business, but during the course of my undergraduate degree I felt that I am ignoring my creative side and that I need an outlet because creativity is part of who I am. Therefore, I picked up my minor in Studio Art nevertheless there was still a void. And I impatiently waited to graduate from university so I can go pursue a career in fashion design. It may sound weird or crazy to people from my cultural background, that I want to be a fashion designer. Nevertheless, I can not imagine myself working in an industry other than the fashion/luxury industry. At this point with my acceptance I feel true to myself and on my way to achieve the dreams I have.

Graduation Gifts

I know I have been flooding my blog with graduation gift ideas, but this is the topic that everyone around me has been discussing. So yesterday a friend of mine called me saying that her parents want to get her a watch as a graduation present. She wants it to be classic but she also loves the ceramic with gold look. After so much search, the final options were a Chanel and a Chopard watch.

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Graduation Gifts

So graduation is coming up and I know that most people already have some form of a “Graduation Registry”. I feel that in our world today people care more about “Graduation Registry” than a “Wedding Registry” it has become so uncertain when will a person be married, so people prefer to get their gifts earlier. In a previous post I mentioned how a friend of mine couldn’t decide which handbag she wanted her parents to get her as a graduation gift (You can read the post here). Well today I am going to talk about graduation gift ideas for men. This may be the best option if the man you are buying the gift for is a constant traveler. I fell in love with the colors of the travel bags, they are such statement pieces. The orange one is available online, while they yellow bag is from the runway show.

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Shopping for Graduation

A few may know that I will be graduating in 8 weeks. So I am freaking out about what I am going to do with my life, where I am going to end up, and what future steps I should be taking to work towards achieving my goals and dreams. But somedays I try to forget all about these worries and I try to figure out what shopping I need to get done for the events that are taking place then. My parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents are flying in for my graduation. I feel so blessed that they are all coming that’s why I am already excited about it.  When thinking about  the graduation ceremony the first thing that comes to mind  is what would I wear on that day.

A few days ago I went suit window shopping, and my jaw dropped when I saw this suit at Suit Supply. I love the idea that it is a day suit and double breasted. If I would wear it, I would style it differently. I was thinking of wearing it with a knit straight end tie and monks. Tell me what you think about it!

Blue double breast boston suit