By Zaid Taji Farouki

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The Resurrection of The Denim Overalls

A few weeks ago while window shopping I spotted these pair of denim overalls at Zara and I convinced myself that I shouldn’t buy the, because I wouldn’t wear them. But a few days ago I was walking next to Zara and they were still on my mind and I knew I had to go buy them. They reminded me of the 90’s (the child in me wanted to wear them with a Disney shirt) they reminded me of the matching denim overalls me my brother used to wear and to the time where they were the coolest thing. But I didn’t get the chance to wear them until last night where I was invited to an event by Michael Kors and ELLE here in Milan in the Michael Kors boutique on Corso Vittorio Emanuele. We got to see his new summer collection as well as try them out. I can officially say, go buy yourself a pair of denim overalls again! They are comfortable with so many ways to wear them. You can go from wearing them on the streets of Milan to wearing them while farming, all you need is a cowboy hat with it (No don’t ever wear that unless its for an editorial or costume). Well anyways here are some photos from last night!

Today I am off to an event by 1177 so stay tuned for what happens tonight! ImageImageImage

Outfit details: Zara Overall; GAP lenin shirt; Dolce & Gabbana shoes; Italia Independent sunglasses; Hermes, Omega and Fendi bracelets.

Men’s Bracelets

A few months ago I posted about the new line of enamel bracelets that Hermès has launched targeted towards men. The men’s version has a matte finish compared to the gold or silver as well as the flatted out H, which is different than the women’s bracelets. When I had purchased my bracelet as a graduation gift to myself the only colors available were black, brown, and chestnut. I chose the beige because the color does not restrict you from wearing it as much. But recently Hermès launched new colors and they look amazing. If I would repurchase one I would go with the Canary yellow, burgundy, or the Indian blue. The new colors include Indian Blue, Burgundy, Beige, Canary Yellow, Navy Blue, Black, and Brown.  Below is a photo of me wearing it with an Omega bracelet that I received as a graduation gift from friends of mine.

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Pictures taken from Hermès

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Thank You!

I would like to thank everyone for all the graduation gifts I received. Without mentioning names – you know who you are – I would like to thank you for the gift cards, Coach messenger bag, cards, frames, tie, and watch I received.  Two days ago I got this Omega bracelet in orange by two friends of mine.It goes perfectly with the Hermès enamel bracelet also the orange is a perfect pop of color!


Statement Pieces

A few weeks ago I walked into the Omega boutique in Saudi Arabia and I saw the new Aqua Bracelet by Omega. They bracelets stayed on my mind and a few days ago I decided to go ask about them here at the Washington DC boutique. I love these uni-sex bracelets because they are statements as well as having a classic quality. The Aqua Bracelet comes in two different materials rubber and leather. The majority of the bracelets are made out of rubber. Because of the rubber material the bracelet can be worn at all times.

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