By Zaid Taji Farouki

Tag: The Great Gatsby

My Video

As a studio art minor one of the classes that I chose to take was a multimedia arts class. As the semester comes to an end our projects are due soon. So yesterday I spent my entire day at the film lab at American University trying to create this video. I decided to collect shots and images from different designer advertisements, movies, and music videos to create the video. This video has parts from 2 Dior advertisements, an Elie Saab advertisement, a part from The Great Gatsby trailer, Wicked Games by The Weeknd, Pri-Madonna Girl by Marina and The Diamonds, and an advertisement for H&M. Your feedback is appreciated, so if there is anything wrong I could fix it before its due. I hope you like it!


The Great Gatsby by Tiffany & Co.

Yesterday I mentioned how Brooks Brothers launched a line dedicated to The Great Gatsby. In the next few days Tiffany & Co.’s windows will be dedicated to the book and movie. In the meanwhile they are now selling their collection online. My most favorite pieces from the collection are: the head piece that gets converted to a brooch, the pearl tassel necklace, and the diamond beads and black spinel necklace. Here are all the pieces I liked:

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