New York Fashion Week

by zaiddor

I am officially addicted to Instagram and Twitter. Following all the designers, bloggers, and stylists every move and specially photos. Well here is my idea of whats going to be in so far: (shhh don’t tell them I am giving you this information)

I am actually ecstatic that this Spring collection still carries those vibrant colors. But instead of the color pallet being neon they are heading more towards the pastel shades. Light Cadmium Red I believe will be the winning and most prominent color of the season. What a color!! I believe its the perfect transition from the bordeaux color-thats turning heads this year.

Lets talk shoes, I see straps have made their come back! Whether it is strappy heels or a simple strap on the ankle, its in this season. I also see a heavier push towards closed shoes and even knee high gladiator shoes in this Spring collection. Also go crazy with your shoe colors this season!!

Don’t forget to follow the fashion shows!! My favorite so far are Victoria Beckham, Diane von Fürstenberg, and Zac Posen.