by zaiddor

Ok so before I began talking about my favorite pieces in the Rodarte show, let me justify my fascination with the Light Cadmium Red color that I have been talking about endlessly for the past few days. I am an Art minor and somehow unconsciously I integrate this color in all my paintings. Every single one of them has this color incorporated into it. So I hope that explains my fascination with that color.

So lets go back to track The Rodarte show. So lets give some background information about Rodarte, the brand which was started in 2005 is run by two sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy. (Random fact, the helped in designing some of the costumes in the movie The Black Swan). What are my favorite pieces from the show?

ImageRodarte Photo by Monica Feudi /feudiguaineri.comImage

Rodarte Photo by Monica Feudi/feudiguaineri.comImage

Rodarte Photo by Monica Feudi/