Peau d’Âne- Elie Saab & Baccarat

by zaiddor

In a collaboration between Elie Saab and Baccarat both houses decided to bring Peau d’Âne to life. The dress created by Elie Saab will be placed in Baccarat’s flagship store in celebration for Christmas.

Peau d’Âne is a french fairytale that starts off by showing how happy a king and a queen are in their kingdom, the people love him while his enemies are frightened by him. One day the queen gets ill and o her death bed she asks the king to marry a woman “Promise me that if, when I am gone, you find a woman wiser and more beautiful than I, you will marry her and so provide an heir for throne.” The queen knew he would never find a wiser and more beautiful woman. After sometime has passed, the kings advisors suggest that the king should marry his daughter because she is the only one wiser and more beautiful than his wife. With the princess in horror she asks for outrageous things to be made in order to stop this wedding. The princess first asks for a dress which has the color of the sky, when it was delivered  it had the most beautiful blue, the blue of heaven. The princess then asks for a dress the color of the moon,it was also beautifully made. Then trying to stop the marriage the princess further asks for a dress as bright and shining as the sun. This time the king summoned a wealthy jeweler and ordered him to make a cloth of gold and diamonds. Preparing to flee the kingdom, the princess asks for the final thing, the skin of the donkey at the royal stable. It was no regular donkey because it produced gold every morning instead of dung. The king trying to please his daughter orders to skin the donkey. In order not to be recognized when fleeing the kingdom, she wears the donkey’s skin and moves to another kingdom.

Peau D'ane Elie saab Baccarat


Conte-de-Noel-Baccarat- Peau D'ane