Venetian Masks

by zaiddor

Dating back to the 13th century Venetians wore the mask to free themselves from class hierarchies as well as for romantic encounters, gambling, dancing and any other times where the person wanted to hide their true identity and become harder to recognize. Moreover, the masks were used during plays to emphasize the character of the actor. Wearing masks in public was outlawed for a long period of time. Furthermore the Carnival was outlawed from the 18th century until the Italian government in an effort to boost the economy reinitiated the carnival in the 70’s. Venetian masks come in many different shapes and forms. Below you will find images of the mask I captured on the street as well as my friend and I wearing the masks on Halloween in Venice.
But now the real question is.. How easy would it be to pull a look with a mask in the future. Hmmmm something to think about!