Reporting A Missing Person (My Doppelgänger)

by zaiddor

A few days ago I received a text from my uncle telling me while browsing online he saw a man on the Trussardi runway show and he thought it was me. After forwarding the images to everyone, my grandfather actually thought it was me and didn’t have second doubts about it. Do you think I have managed to find my doppelgänger?
After seeing his image I tried with no luck to finding his name so I can finalize this dilemma. If its true, maybe we can both have a Vegas show! Help me find my doppelgänger he is the model for the 5th look at the Trussardi Fall/winter 2013 Mens collection. So here I am “reporting a missing person…. my doppelgänger”. If you have ever come across him please contact me!
I will leave you now to judge if he is my true doppelgänger or not! _ARC1758.450x675

Picture taken by Marcus Tondo/ inDigital