By Zaid Taji Farouki

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Statement Piece

Is it possible to just talk about how obsessed I am with this shoulder piece by H&M? This shoulder piece is part of the new sustainable collection which will be in stores starting April 10th. This collection will be made out of organic fibers and from sustainable sources. This is a statement piece and I would love to see it worn by people its a great addition to a simple dress or even a shirt. It can make your whole outfit and I love how easily attainable it is as well!

My Projects

My sister and I attacked an accessories store here in Amman or as we call it “Ma7al kharabeesh”. In the store, my sister and I decided that we should start a handicraft project to make bracelets and necklaces that she could use. So me, my sister and mother started choosing colors, beads,  and pendents to use.

About a month ago I spoke about wanting to start a new painting. You can read about it in my previous post here “My Thoughts”.  You will find also a picture of what I have done so far with the painting.

Ps. Click on the Images to enlarge them. You will also find the picture of my painting underneath the four pictures.



My Cruella de Vil Moment

Now that I finally booked my flight to Milan on the 15th of September. I started thinking of what I should pack to take with me now that the summer is almost over. While browsing some collections online I came across these two fur coats by Tom Ford and my jaw dropped. Yes, I had my Cruella de Vil moment.  I couldn’t choose which fur coat looked better therefore I couldn’t decide which one to post. But I know for a fact that I would love to pull the black fur coat look. I also love the tuxedo underneath the black coat. Don’t get me wrong that I don’t like the brown one but I would probably go with the black one.


Tom Ford men's brown fur coat

Tom Ford Men's black fur coat

To Wear, Or Not To Wear?

I came across these belts by Ermenegildo Zegna and everyday I look at them and wonder if I purchase one how creepy would I look like. Would I be the guy that writes his name on a buckle, or like that has s*x on his buckle, or the guy with the LED scrolling message?  I wonder how stupid would I look with my name starting with Z and wearing a buckle with a Z, or would it be normal?  To wear, or not to wear, that’s the question.

taken from

Ward Off The Evil Spirits

In the past few days I have read about a research by the University of Minnesota that proves that when a woman flaunts designer products she signals to others to back off her man. Women that wear luxury products are seen as having a devoted and loving partner and therefore, other women are less likely to flirt with him. This even works no matter who purchased the luxury product, whether the woman paid for the product herself or her husband bought it for her.  The same study also proved that when women feel like their relationship is in jeopardy they are more likely to purchase and flaunt their luxury clothes and accessories.

SOOOO women everywhere pick up your credit cards and go shopping. No matter where you stand in your relationship. Think of it as having to wear garlic to ward off vampires, but “sadly” you’re substituting  garlic with Chanel pearls.

The first step into warding off those evil spirits is to show up carrying this Alexander McQueen clutch.

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 9.19.50 PM


Material from Saks Fifth Avenue and Huffington Post.