My Thoughts

by zaiddor

You probably won’t believe how much Amman has taken a toll on me recently. The wait of moving between two countries is mentally draining. Whenever I am here the culture allows me to second guess myself of whether I am taking the right steps in my life. Or I should take the familiar road or do I seriously have unrealistic dreams. These thoughts go through my mind every single day nevertheless, lets hope for the best and see how things will turn out to be.

As I sit here and write this I am currently planning on starting a new painting project. It’s probably the only thing that would get my mind off of things. I thought of using 3 different canvases of different sizes. The largest canvas is going to be of a blue eye that weeps and the tears are made of melted crayons. The second canvas is much smaller and it will only have an eye with no other significance attached to it. The third canvas is going to be of a mouth I imagine the lips being made out of an electric orange-red.

Lets see what happens and how everything turns out to be.