By Zaid Taji Farouki

Tag: Dreams

Going “Nude”

So I personally thought that this year was going to be the year where I jet of to Europe study during the week and travel and party during the weekend, WORNG. So This weekend I spent my entire weekend dedicated to finishing up my work. I did a fair amount of it. But perfectionist me, I am planning on repeating a large part of my homework. And I personally cant get myself to do it tonight, it has been a long exhausting weekend. But I have to admit never have I ever been so worried but so at ease and relaxed at the same time. Even without enough sleep I always manage to wake up before the alarm, waiting to see what the world has hidden for me. Its an oxymoron where I am so worried and tense but I feel somehow in center with myself and happy. These three weeks I believe had taught me something I never learnt before, is coming prepared and full of confidence but somehow in a second everything comes crashing down. Everything becomes wrong, I know this is a cliché but you dust yourself up and move on and find a better way to do things.

I haven’t posted a daily obsession recently, so here I am posting about the new shades of “nude” a new line that Christian Louboutin has launched for this upcoming season. Explaining “The shoes disappear like magic and become a fluid extension of the woman’s legs, as in a sketch, elongating the silhouette.” In order to achieve this appearance he launched the 5 different shades. And if you are finding trouble knowing which color best matches your skin, you can use a newly launched app to assist you with that. Here are the new shades of “nude”.

Under Pressure

So today has been one of those days.. You know the sketches that took me 3 days to make and the ones I showed you yesterday? Well I have to re-do a good deal of them because they are not good enough. So after a whole day of classes starting from 11:15 am to 8pm. I hear this news at around 7:45 because thats when the teacher had individual meetings with everyone of us. After class I managed to drag myself back home, dragging myself home at the pace where it usually only takes me 10 minutes to get home from university to my apartment. It took me 30! Here I am sitting in a café right underneath my building. Currently writing this trying to decide what I should eat. Am I running towards food for comfort? Yes, I am. Should I be doing that? NOOO.. So here I am trying to decide what to eat and feeling guilty for not having a daily workout schedule.

Anyways the professor informed me that the sketches don’t have to be done by next week but should be there by the end of November (the end of our first semester) So here I am forcing myself to do them early not because I don’t want to keep them till the end but because I have to try my best to be the best at what I want to be. So as I plan the rest of this weeks schedule I realize I will almost have a nonexistent weekend. A few pages of sketching to repeat, new sketches to make, a skirt to cut over the weekend, and to create one mood board as an example for my first collection.

I swear Fashion school is breaking me faster than business school ever did. I am going to eat and head up to my apartment to sleep as I have to create 4 skirt patterns for tomorrow and I need to finish the last 2. Luckily I have class at 2:45 so I have time to do them before hand.

What also keeps me going is these messages I got from two of my friends today and I would like to thank them for all the support and love. One of them I woke up to, the other I received during the day. I would love to thank them for all the love and support.

“Do i always tell you mama says ‘did you tell zaid that hes designing youe wedding dress?’ hahahaa”

“Good luck in this new chapter of your life in beautiful Milan, wish you all the best Zaido! Make me proud!!”

sleep deprived, emotionally and physically exhausted Zaid

My Thoughts

You probably won’t believe how much Amman has taken a toll on me recently. The wait of moving between two countries is mentally draining. Whenever I am here the culture allows me to second guess myself of whether I am taking the right steps in my life. Or I should take the familiar road or do I seriously have unrealistic dreams. These thoughts go through my mind every single day nevertheless, lets hope for the best and see how things will turn out to be.

As I sit here and write this I am currently planning on starting a new painting project. It’s probably the only thing that would get my mind off of things. I thought of using 3 different canvases of different sizes. The largest canvas is going to be of a blue eye that weeps and the tears are made of melted crayons. The second canvas is much smaller and it will only have an eye with no other significance attached to it. The third canvas is going to be of a mouth I imagine the lips being made out of an electric orange-red.

Lets see what happens and how everything turns out to be.

About Me – Part 2

Today I am not going to be writing about my daily obsessions, or my finds, or even fashion shows. Today I want the people reading this blog to get to know me better. On Monday I received my acceptance from Istituto Marangoni in Milan to study fashion design. At this point in my life I could not be more true to myself.

I am graduating from American University in Washington DC in three weeks with a major in Business administration, Marketing concentration and a minor in Studio Art. But all my life something has drawn me to fashion and the creative process behind it. How a piece being designed in Milan or Paris translates across languages and cultures and no matter your background you always try to look better. After graduating high school the wise thing to do for me at that time was study business, but during the course of my undergraduate degree I felt that I am ignoring my creative side and that I need an outlet because creativity is part of who I am. Therefore, I picked up my minor in Studio Art nevertheless there was still a void. And I impatiently waited to graduate from university so I can go pursue a career in fashion design. It may sound weird or crazy to people from my cultural background, that I want to be a fashion designer. Nevertheless, I can not imagine myself working in an industry other than the fashion/luxury industry. At this point with my acceptance I feel true to myself and on my way to achieve the dreams I have.