By Zaid Taji Farouki

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The $55 Million Watch

Graff unveiled the $55 Million at the 2014 BaselWorld fair. It is made out of 110 Carat watch made of rare diamonds and thousands of hours of craftsmanship, design, and research to create “The Hallucination Watch”  The concept of the Graff Hallucination came directly from Laurence Graff. He commented on his work saying; ” The Graff Hallucination is a sculptural masterpiece; a celebration of the miracle of coloured diamonds. For many years I have thought about creating a truly remarkable watch that illustrates our consuming passion for diamonds. The Hallucination has made my diamond dream a reality!”

Graff $ 55 million watch Hallucination

Graff $ 55 million watch


Daily Obsessions

So now that men’s fashion weeks have started and the streets of the fashion capitals are infested with greek deity figures. Lets present this post to all the men out there. With summer bringing in perfectly tanned bodies, open button down shirts, and endless beach parties; there is something we all have to agree on, there is nothing better than a perfectly accessorized man. With the perfect amount of layering, the man becomes so intriguing to others. Which creates an obsession of wanting to know the story behind this guy. As Evan Yurman puts it “From the beginning of time, man has had a need to adorn himself with things that mean something to him.”

David Yurman launched a new collection inspired by the SouthWest called the Frontier and I am obsessed with it!

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Hair & Jewel

a recreation of Graff’s 1970s advertising campaign in black and white of a model wearing a modest £1 million of jewels tucked into her hair. To celebrate the 60th anniversary in the jewellery business, Graff decided to recreate the advertisement with jewelry worth half a billion dollars. The jewels used are the 550ct Letseng Star, the 14 largest white diamond ever discovered and bought by Graff in 2011 it also includes a 10.47ct Fancy Vivid Blue briolette diamond pendant, a 52.73ct Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond ring and a 6.51ct Fancy Intense Pink diamond ring.

Take a look at the 70’s advertisement and this years advertisement.
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GRAFF diamond 500 Million

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Thinking of graduation gifts for myself. I was Inspired by Cartier’s lOVE bracelet. I personally love gifts that have sentimental value, also many people currently own the LOVE bracelet, therefore I am on a quest to create my own derivative of the product.I personally do not want the bracelets to look the same. Inspired by how the love bracelet locks by placing two screws on the side (see picture below). The first difference would be placing four locks rather than two (See the sketch below). Furthermore, I would like to carve the names of my parents and siblings onto it using Arabic calligraphy (See examples below).

Wishful thinking – The ability to split the bracelet into four different pieces will give me the opportunity to create pendents out of them, allowing me in the future to gift them to my children as pieces to always carry wear.

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