by zaiddor

Thinking of graduation gifts for myself. I was Inspired by Cartier’s lOVE bracelet. I personally love gifts that have sentimental value, also many people currently own the LOVE bracelet, therefore I am on a quest to create my own derivative of the product.I personally do not want the bracelets to look the same. Inspired by how the love bracelet locks by placing two screws on the side (see picture below). The first difference would be placing four locks rather than two (See the sketch below). Furthermore, I would like to carve the names of my parents and siblings onto it using Arabic calligraphy (See examples below).

Wishful thinking – The ability to split the bracelet into four different pieces will give me the opportunity to create pendents out of them, allowing me in the future to gift them to my children as pieces to always carry wear.

Ps. Click on the images to enlarge them for more details.