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So just a few days ago my friend and I decided to take a one day trip to Venice. Never would have I expected how beautiful it is. As I was telling my friend, I felt like I was seriously walking through a painting. The majority of the trip our conversations surrounded the idea of being transported to the past and being able to live in Venice in the medieval times.
As we arrived there on Halloween we soon went looking for Venetian masks to be able to wear to go out at night. We toured the city, bought our Venetian masks, had dinner and went straight for a night out in town. As great minds think alike, without planning or talking about it we both had brought a full black outfit with us thinking by just adding a mask to the outfit voila we would have a costume.
The next morning we went out sight seeing and toured the rest of the city. Here are some photos from our trip.









My First Skirt!

With so much going on and everything being up in the air, I just realized today that it has been 8 days since I last posted on my blog. Yes days feel like hours to me at this point. Yesterday I had to the opportunity to visit Pavia as one of my friends invited me as well as a few other friends to her home there. I found the true meaning of a small Italian city. I have to visit again soon, as it is only 30 minutes away from Milano.Below you will find pictures of the cathedral and views from my friends balcony. As well as visiting Pavia, I got to execute my first skirt. Please don’t look at the type of skirt as its a basic exercise everyone had to do from a book. Will I be able to give designers a little run for their money? NAHHHHHHHHH I know this is such a short post, but I am swamped with work tomorrow as I have to hand in my sketch book which includes “my aliens” as well as have some of my aliens colored in using Pantone. Ohh the joy of staying up all night, I am pulling more all-nighters than my freshman year at university (which was record breaking for all-nighters)

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“My Plants Gonna Grow Gold Leaves Baby”

One of the best things to hear and record is sayings by ambitious people making fun of their futures and how unrealistic things may be. And trust me nothing stops in the way of dreaming. As I was on the phone with a close friend of mine today he said “I will make them water the plants in bikinis with Evian water and caviar as soil… My plants gonna grow gold leaves baby”…… DON’T WE ALL WANT THAT!!! Well we ended a 45 minute phone call by saying if our young selves would have heard our conversation today they would make fun of us. As we also discussed how our metabolism is starting to fail us and we can’t drink as much as we could before. Yes our 18 year old selves would probably be on the floor crying from laughter. But be careful what you wished for when you were younger! You couldn’t wait for the day you turned 1 year older. Now on your birthday you stay in bed remembering what happened in that year and how it went by so fast. Hahaha As we work everyday to reach what we want to in life, there is nothing like having a friend that you can share these stuff with and make fun of it. But nothing is more beautiful than having your work transfer from something in your mind to reality. And the more time I spend here in school the closer and more realistic it becomes.

Well as I work like a dog and sometimes hard work doesn’t show as much. But here is some sketches from one class that I did throughout last week. There is improvement with my sketches hopefully be the end of this week we will start coloring them and by next week start sketching our own designs on the figures. Many of the sketches still need fixing as they are unfinished.

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Rain, Rain, Go Away

First of all I would like to thank everyone that has followed me and liked my pictures on Instagram so far. If you haven’t gotten the chance yet it’s @zaidfarouki. A special thank you for everyone that did! So today was my day off from school. In the morning I had to go run some errands as I had to prepare my papers for tomorrow when I go get my residency in Milan. While I was running my errands I passed by my favorite place for gelato here, its the best I have tasted so far. So I had gelato for breakfast yes I felt like I deserved it on my day off with my stressful week. But I must admit as I lay in bed reviewing what I ate today I feel guilty hahaha.. Later on in the day I went shopping, I knew I had to be ready by 7:15 as I was invited to an event at the BVlGARI store at 7:30. And it is a 15 minute walk from my apartment. As my friend and I arrived to the event it was going really well until it started raining, it wasn’t just raining but it was a torrential downpour. So here is how I look before I got home soaking wet. I can hear the rain now while in bed. I have an early start tomorrow as my class starts at 8:30, Good night everyone!!!

1377453_10153319270855596_714925865_n I was wearing An Armani jacket, Theory pants, and Fratelli Rossetti shoes

Under Pressure

So today has been one of those days.. You know the sketches that took me 3 days to make and the ones I showed you yesterday? Well I have to re-do a good deal of them because they are not good enough. So after a whole day of classes starting from 11:15 am to 8pm. I hear this news at around 7:45 because thats when the teacher had individual meetings with everyone of us. After class I managed to drag myself back home, dragging myself home at the pace where it usually only takes me 10 minutes to get home from university to my apartment. It took me 30! Here I am sitting in a café right underneath my building. Currently writing this trying to decide what I should eat. Am I running towards food for comfort? Yes, I am. Should I be doing that? NOOO.. So here I am trying to decide what to eat and feeling guilty for not having a daily workout schedule.

Anyways the professor informed me that the sketches don’t have to be done by next week but should be there by the end of November (the end of our first semester) So here I am forcing myself to do them early not because I don’t want to keep them till the end but because I have to try my best to be the best at what I want to be. So as I plan the rest of this weeks schedule I realize I will almost have a nonexistent weekend. A few pages of sketching to repeat, new sketches to make, a skirt to cut over the weekend, and to create one mood board as an example for my first collection.

I swear Fashion school is breaking me faster than business school ever did. I am going to eat and head up to my apartment to sleep as I have to create 4 skirt patterns for tomorrow and I need to finish the last 2. Luckily I have class at 2:45 so I have time to do them before hand.

What also keeps me going is these messages I got from two of my friends today and I would like to thank them for all the support and love. One of them I woke up to, the other I received during the day. I would love to thank them for all the love and support.

“Do i always tell you mama says ‘did you tell zaid that hes designing youe wedding dress?’ hahahaa”

“Good luck in this new chapter of your life in beautiful Milan, wish you all the best Zaido! Make me proud!!”

sleep deprived, emotionally and physically exhausted Zaid

The Day of Changes

Well today it was one of those things that I had to do. I had to create a public Instagram account @zaidfarouki. I will try me best somehow later integrate my Instagram feed into the blog. Well as we all know if social media if used correctly is one of the greatest marketing tools the world has to offer. Because of what I want to do and the work I want to go in. I need to synchronize everything from twitter to Instagram to my blog. Therefore, I have created an Instagram account with the same username as my twitter account, so I will be easier to find on social media. So follow me on both Twitter and Instagram at @zaidfarouki

So after clearing this issue, today has been one of those hectic days, long working hours and getting frightened by my old smoking neighbor that stands between the pots. I think this week our relationship took a new level. We saw each other on the street and greeted each other, I am worried that our relationship is escalating to fast…. So now whenever she sees me she smiles and says “Ciao”. The only conversation that goes on between us is “Bonjourno” and “Ciao” but then she smiles whenever she sees me. Anyways so today I was late to leave my apartment and it was probably the third time I come back from standing in front of the elevator after remembering something I forgot. After I left my apartment for the third time. There she was in black and a grey shawl in between the flower pots smoking and our typical conversation of “Bonjourno” and “Ciao” took place.

Today has been a long day. I woke up early and finished the sketches for my class. And of course the internet limit decides to end today so I had to walk to Vodafone and recharge my account. As this took time there came the lunch hour which every place in Italy closes from 1-3 pm. No one messes with the Italians and their lunch break, So I had to wait around for the art supply store to open again. I met up with a friend for tea afterwards and then I headed off to my pattern making class. So to add even more work to the work. We are supposed to sketch 4 different patterns of skirts and ready by Wednesday and have 1 actual skirt made by Monday. This is going to be a fun weekend. I don’t know whether to be excited or worried.

So below your going to find some sketches that I have made. of course only the presentable ones, not the alien formed ones hahah. Now off to create 2 things on Photoshop and then off to bed because tomorrow is going to be a long day! Classes from 11:15am – 8pm.

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Happy Birthday ZAIDD’OR!

I can’t believe that today marks one year since I started this blog with 275 posts and over 50,400 views. I remember when I started this blog last year I wanted to do something that would get me started in the fashion world no matter how small the project was. I didn’t know if the blog was going to be successful or not, I am even unsure of it as of now. But here I am a year later getting ready to pack my bags and head out to Milan, Italy to study fashion design.  I really hope that I can turn my dreams into reality and I am excited for what the next year has to hide.

Let this birthday resolution be, I will put my best efforts to wards blogging more often and adding creative contents on the blog. All I can ask for this year is a cupcakes and a bottle of champagne to celebrate this year.

Happy 4th of July!

Yesterday I had to wear red, white and blue but I had to add the cowboy hat, I couldn’t be more American. Yesterday was a really long and busy day but the good thing about it was that I got to catch up with a couple of friends. At first, I met up with two friends around The Washington National Cathedral we went out for lunch and then walked around.Then later on in the day I met with two other friends and we ended up going to The Kennedy Center to watch the fireworks.

The cowboy hat I bought when I was in Dallas, TX visiting my aunt, Shirt is from Joe’s Jeans, Shorts are from Armani, Sunglasses by Burberry, and the loafers are by Barney’s


My Look

The other day I went to the Italian embassy in DC in order to apply for my residency for next year. Afterwards I went sightseeing with a friend from Lebanon.

photo 1.PNG photo 2-1.PNG

Massimo Dutti shirt, Armani pants,  Façonnable shoes, and a Coach messenger bag.

Thank You!

I would like to thank everyone for all the graduation gifts I received. Without mentioning names – you know who you are – I would like to thank you for the gift cards, Coach messenger bag, cards, frames, tie, and watch I received.  Two days ago I got this Omega bracelet in orange by two friends of mine.It goes perfectly with the Hermès enamel bracelet also the orange is a perfect pop of color!



I just graduated from American University on the 12th. The feeling was great but I was so scared at the same time. Because the next few years is the time I need to prove myself. I hope everything works out like I want and I can pursue my plans for the future. But for now lets talk about what I wore to the events. There was the graduation outfit and the dinner party outfit.

For the graduation ceremony I wore a black and white double breasted jacket with white pants and shirt and velvet blue Del Toro shoes.

For the dinner party I wore a gray-ish blue double breasted jacket and pants with black laced shoes.



I can’t believe I haven’t posted in a while. I have been really busy, my parents came to town a few days ago to attend my graduation ceremony and I had final exams. On the bright side I GRADUATED! On my way out to my last exam as an undergrad my mom insisted on taking a picture of me saying “Just how I used to do on your first day of school when you were younger”. Excuse the no sleep look, that night I only slept for 4 hours. I am wearing True Religion pants, a Hugo Boss shirt, a Zara sweater, an orange Jansport backpackand Tod’s shoes.


My Video

As a studio art minor one of the classes that I chose to take was a multimedia arts class. As the semester comes to an end our projects are due soon. So yesterday I spent my entire day at the film lab at American University trying to create this video. I decided to collect shots and images from different designer advertisements, movies, and music videos to create the video. This video has parts from 2 Dior advertisements, an Elie Saab advertisement, a part from The Great Gatsby trailer, Wicked Games by The Weeknd, Pri-Madonna Girl by Marina and The Diamonds, and an advertisement for H&M. Your feedback is appreciated, so if there is anything wrong I could fix it before its due. I hope you like it!


About Me – Part 2

Today I am not going to be writing about my daily obsessions, or my finds, or even fashion shows. Today I want the people reading this blog to get to know me better. On Monday I received my acceptance from Istituto Marangoni in Milan to study fashion design. At this point in my life I could not be more true to myself.

I am graduating from American University in Washington DC in three weeks with a major in Business administration, Marketing concentration and a minor in Studio Art. But all my life something has drawn me to fashion and the creative process behind it. How a piece being designed in Milan or Paris translates across languages and cultures and no matter your background you always try to look better. After graduating high school the wise thing to do for me at that time was study business, but during the course of my undergraduate degree I felt that I am ignoring my creative side and that I need an outlet because creativity is part of who I am. Therefore, I picked up my minor in Studio Art nevertheless there was still a void. And I impatiently waited to graduate from university so I can go pursue a career in fashion design. It may sound weird or crazy to people from my cultural background, that I want to be a fashion designer. Nevertheless, I can not imagine myself working in an industry other than the fashion/luxury industry. At this point with my acceptance I feel true to myself and on my way to achieve the dreams I have.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! Christus resurrexit! Resurrexit vere!

I was out to brunch yesterday with a group of friends that I haven’t seen in a while. It was a beautiful day out in Washington DC, the weather was beautiful and everyone was out for the National Cherry Blossom Festival and The Kite Festival. Here are some pictures of what I wore yesterday:

Shoes and Shirt: Dolce & Gabbana. Pants: Gant. Belt: Roberto Verino.

photo 1


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