“My Plants Gonna Grow Gold Leaves Baby”

by zaiddor

One of the best things to hear and record is sayings by ambitious people making fun of their futures and how unrealistic things may be. And trust me nothing stops in the way of dreaming. As I was on the phone with a close friend of mine today he said “I will make them water the plants in bikinis with Evian water and caviar as soil… My plants gonna grow gold leaves baby”…… DON’T WE ALL WANT THAT!!! Well we ended a 45 minute phone call by saying if our young selves would have heard our conversation today they would make fun of us. As we also discussed how our metabolism is starting to fail us and we can’t drink as much as we could before. Yes our 18 year old selves would probably be on the floor crying from laughter. But be careful what you wished for when you were younger! You couldn’t wait for the day you turned 1 year older. Now on your birthday you stay in bed remembering what happened in that year and how it went by so fast. Hahaha As we work everyday to reach what we want to in life, there is nothing like having a friend that you can share these stuff with and make fun of it. But nothing is more beautiful than having your work transfer from something in your mind to reality. And the more time I spend here in school the closer and more realistic it becomes.

Well as I work like a dog and sometimes hard work doesn’t show as much. But here is some sketches from one class that I did throughout last week. There is improvement with my sketches hopefully be the end of this week we will start coloring them and by next week start sketching our own designs on the figures. Many of the sketches still need fixing as they are unfinished.

Ps. Click on the images to enlarge them.