Men’s Accessories

by zaiddor

It has been a while since I have discussed men’s clothing and accessories, but today I want to talk about men accessorizing. As watches become more statements pieces, unlike the old days where they needed a watch to tell the time, men started becoming more daring and willingly to wear accessories. Today I want to show you to companies that produce statement bracelets for men- Miansai and STL ShareTheLove bracelets.  Miansai is a known brand and you can purchase their products either online,or through J.Crew, or through Mr. Porter. But STL ShareTheLove is actually a Milan start up company that has been getting some hype in the fashion world, Many  high profile fashion bloggers as well Anna Del Russo and Paolo Stella have been  spotted wearing them. I believe they will be must haves in the few months to come.  STL ShareTheLove bracelets design for both men and women, the mens collection tends to be with a silver chain rather than a gold chain as well as darker threading. Tell me what you think!