Statement Piece

by zaiddor

Before I talk about today’s obsession, I could not help but thank you all. Thank you for the constant emotional support I have been getting and thank you for following and reading my blog. After realizing what I wanted to talk about today I could not help but think about my mother and aunts. They may have different styles but they somehow manage to like and purchase the same exact things. The combination of their styles and personalities have made me imagine this woman, lets call her the Zaidd’or woman, a woman that would love to have or already has the things that I post about. I am thankful because they shaped my style and fed my imagination to talk about this effortlessly chic and graceful woman that encompasses all styles.

Today I am going to talk about a piece from my favorite designers Dolce & Gabbana. When I saw this poster all I could imagine is my mother or one of my aunts being in a hurry, holding her son, and being effortlessly chic. As a sunglasses fanatic I could not help but love these pair. If you are planning on going Sicilian Baroque this season then go with this statement piece.


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