Daily Obsessions

by zaiddor

In the business industry if you want to create a powerful first impression then exceptionally tailored jackets and pants are the way to go. Although recent consumer behavior studies have shown that when talking to the public, wearing a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and a sweater creates this relation based on “equality” or “similarity” between consumers and CEOs (examples include Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerburg). Such techniques only work in a few industries, I can’t imagine a person meeting with his clients on Wall St. would even think of wearing a pair of jeans. Going back on track, looking sharp is always a great first impression and if there is a look that I would love to wear everyday it would be like the one below. Knowing how to layer may be difficult but when done correctly it gives the man this je ne sais quoi that makes him look more appealing.

All photos above were take from suitsupply.com