Daily Obsessions

by zaiddor

So today I am going to have two posts in celebration of my 21st birthday. I know, I am getting old… It also manages to be the day where I have to take my graduation photos. It feels like I am in a new stage in my life, flipping the page and hopefully moving to something bigger and better. Thinking about the future I came to a conclusion, now that I am getting older I need to create a wardrobe wish list. This wish list should have sharper day to day outfits, and lucky me I just found the first thing I am going to put on this list. This Kenzo turquoise suit will be the first on my list, it may be an unconventional color, and it may look bad if worn incorrectly but I am ready to take on that challenge. I can imagine myself wearing this suit in the spring sitting in a café in Italy waiting for a fashion show to start. (I might be dreaming way too much, but I go with concept called “dream big”).


Photo taken from Ssense.com