by zaiddor

Sorry I couldn’t post anything yesterday as I had just arrived to Dubai. Starting from yesterday I went to my favorite places to shop here. An hour after I arrived, I ended up going to Mall of The Emirates-I couldn’t ask for more- I ended up going to Harvey Nichols and Carolina Herrera. Window shopping ended soon after as I was invited over at my friends house for a Mexican fiesta.

Today we went to my favorite place here in Dubai, Dubai Mall! After arriving to the mall in ten minutes we randomly bumped into two of my cousins, their children, and aunt (yes this happens every day in the Arab world). After bumping into them I had to go to the worlds largest shoe store, Level! Would you seriously expect less from the world’s largest mall?!! I was amazed, it was a dream within a dream or actually heaven within heaven. I try to convince myself that heaven would look this way, that I would spend my day shopping not only that, I don’t have to pay for it!! ( if that’s not heaven I don’t know what is)

Everyday I am going to add a post that is called “Spotted In Dubai.” Which will show the things I saw and fell in love with while I am here on vacation.