Anna Wintour Smiles

by zaiddor

Soooo my hiccups are still on since yesterday and they haven’t stopped. I think I should contact a famous DJ and ask them to create a remix of my 30 second hiccup intervals. Well on the bright side I contacted my doctor today and he said my hiccups are caused by the cold that I have and I shouldn’t be worried about it being a side effect from the antibiotics that I have been taking.

Well there is one thing that could make all my hiccups go away, its Anna Wintour smiling at me like she did today with Harper Beckham. If Anna Wintour ever smiles in a runway show of mine I would know I have accomplished something in the fashion world.

I am also seeing a trend with the see-through white material. We have seen it yesterday by Lacoste and today by Victoria Beckham. Here are the 7 looks that I liked most out of her collection.

Ps. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Victoria, Harper, and David Beckham with Anna Wintour