DAY 363

by zaiddor

So today has been one of those annoying sick days, where you stay in bed all day and don’t know where the day goes until you realize its dark outside. Starting last night I cam down with a cold, a special thank you to my mom for passing the cold to me. Well anyways I have had these hiccups that started at around 3 am and they haven’t stopped up until now. I am literally dying, my back cramps with every hiccup. I have tried everything to stop it but no use what so ever. The hiccups have made me lose my sanity. Of course I tried googling “The hiccups song” so I can sing to it and after not finding anything  I chose to sing “You spin me right round, baby.. Right round like a record, baby…Right round round round..” I am of course singing The Dead or Alive version not Flo-Rida’s version. On the bright side today I got to see the sunrise, also I got to hear the people going to work blasting Fayrouz early in  the morning, and I think I got to watch every single TV show I didn’t get to see over the year.

Ok I better stop rambling before I prove myself insane and lose all the people I know……. “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
Zip-A-Dee-A …..” (Ok joking) now back on track. As New York Fashion week is going on and I am stuck in bed, I think I have seen the fashion shows from all point of views. Thanks to Instagram, blogs, and runway pictures and video I have seen the fashion shows from all point of views  whether its from bloggers, fashion designers, brands, celebrities and magazines. OK THE HICCUPS ARE SERIOUSLY GETTING ON MY NERVES, I am starting to sound like Scooby-Doo right now.

Well today I am obsessed with Lacoste’s runway show, I actually liked the men’s clothing more than the women’s to tell you the truth. But here are my 12 favorite looks out of all 49 shown today.

PS. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Photos taken by Fabio Iona/