Viale Premuda

by zaiddor

So today I blog for the first time from my apartment, sitting here alone as my mom left back to Jordan today. Before writing anything I would like to take a moment and thank her for all the help she gave me while she was here. Running from one side of the city to another to get to appointments and also dealing with (arguably) my “pickiness”.
So today starts a new chapter in my life. So far I have met a few of my neighbors, some are mysterious as they don’t speak a word of english and just look out of their windows and smoke. I was telling my mother that I feel like I am living in Egypt, but Egypt at the time of my grandparents or parents. When you open your windows you can see into other peoples apartments. You can talk to your neighbors across your windows. I don’t think it gets more Italian than this. While looking for apartments, we saw an advertisement for a one bedroom apartment on the 6th floor, but with a twist of fate people who viewed the apartment before us decided they wanted that apartment. It turns out that its a Turkish girl that will be attending Istituto Marangoni with me. So with that apartment taken, the landlord was so apologetic that she helped me find another apartment. Hence the apartment I currently live in, a few floors below. So it’s great as I finally know a nice person that will be going to the same school as me and we are neighbors. So hopefully I wouldn’t be singing “I am Mr lonely, I have no body I am on my own” anytime soon. THANK THE LORD..
So the first neighbor I met while I was moving in was an old lady that lives with a big fat grey cat, that smokes all the time outside her apartment, she is so experienced with smoking that she talks and smokes without holding the cigarette. Today she kind of scared me as she was sitting between the flowers and I didn’t see her when I walked onto my floor. The second neighbor is another old lady that also smokes, she lives two floors above me but this lady is different she loves looking out at the entire building while she smokes. There is an old man that also lives on my floor and he probably has the largest apartment in the building, how did I know? His front door was open the other day. Then on the same floor as mine there lives a young man, as well as a woman in her late 20’s early 30’s. There also lives on the 6th floor a basketball player with his model girlfriend.
So now that you know of my neighbors and the picture of my apartment building, now you can imagine my living situation. I can’t deny it I love it.. Although my parents are having the time of their lives making fun of me as they remember the times in Egypt by telling me to close the shutters by saying “Shangal il sheesh” or because there aren’t any driers we have to hang our clothes out to dry. they keep telling me “imsa7 il 7abl 2abl ma t3ala2 il hidoum” (wipe the hanging clothing line before putting anything on it).
So orientation starts after tomorrow and I am waiting to see how it turns out. Lets hope my classes are project runway style, and we will be starting our first challenge.