“The Showgirl In Every One Of Them”

by zaiddor

Today was one of those days, where as soon as you get home, you hop into your PJ’s and eat a cake for dinner. I have been going to school for two days now and I can promise you, the work I have ahead of me this year is equivalent to the work I have done in the past four years for my Bachelors Degree. So here I am at 9 pm already in bed. Waiting anxiously for me free day tomorrow, where I can wake up go for a run, and get started on those 10 pages of drawings I have due on Tuesday (thats only for one class). You better love what your doing, or your going to have a melt down really fast. Yesterday I had class from 11:15am-8pm and today from 2:45-8pm. Yes those are my normal days. And the day I am dreading the most? Its Friday, my classes start at 8:30.
So back to the fashion world, which I have managed to disappear from for the past couple of days. Today we learnt that after 16 years Marc Jacobs will no longer be the creative director of Louis Vuitton. He was the person that introduced Vuitton’s prêt-à-porter before the brand was famous for its leather goods and luggage. Marc dedicated this show to the women who have inspired him and to “the showgirl in every one of them”. Marc Jacobs is leaving Louis Vuitton to focus on his own brand while it heads towards an IPO.

You can watch the Louis Vuitton show using the link below. For now, good night to all the showgirls in every one of you!