Azza Fahmy + Umm Kolthoum = Suma Collection

by zaiddor

As everyone around me knows I am obsessed with Um Kolthoum or a matter of fact the whole Middle East is obsessed with Um Kolthoum. Um Kolthoum is a woman with a great power in her voice which enables her to move one’s emotions and mood by just listening to one of her songs. (Which by the way average about an hour each). As a sign of how obsessed I am with her I actually painted my own painting of her and her lyrics. (A picture of the painting can be found below). Furthermore, Um Kolthoum’s songs were able to delete and cancel any age barrier to one’s taste in music. You grow up hearing your parents and grandparents listen to her songs, by the time you are in your early teenage years you probably said “ekhhh I don’t want to listen to these old songs” But as soon as you are in high-school or even in college there is something that makes you want her music to be on replay all day long. There is something about her songs that even if you have heard them for a 100 times you still sing to them and learn new lyrics and realize new meanings to her words that you have never understood before. If you read out the sentence inscribed on the jewelry, a person would surely be able to continue singing the song. Take a look at the lyrics used as well as the collection.

Ps. If I were a woman I would definitely would love to pull-off a few of these pieces… & don’t forget to click on the images below to enlarge them.

These sentences include:
•”سلاماً شباب النيل في كل موقف” “Peace be upon the youth of the Nile in every stance they take.”

• “أنا الي أعطيتك من غير متتكلم، أن إلي علمتك من غير متتعلم” “القلب يعشق كل جميل” “I was yours before you uttered a word. I taught you but you haven’t learned” “The heart adores all that is beautiful”

•”عودت عيني على رؤياك وقلبي سلم لك أمري… وان مر يوم من غير رؤياك…ما ينحسبش من عمري” “My eyes are used to the sight of you, my heart has given you its reigns A day that passes without you cannot be counted in my days”

•“”حبيب امبارح و حبيب دلوقتي… ياحبيبى لبكره ولآخر وقتى “Your love is my rhythm and my rhyme. Yesterday, today and till the end of time.””أمل حياتي”

•”عودت عيني على رؤياك” “My eyes are used to the sight of you”

•“”أمل حياتى… ياحب غالى “You are the hope of my life, you are my precious love.”

•”جمال الدنيا يحلالي وانا وياك” “Life is beautiful only when I’m with you.”

•” افرح يا قلبي لك نصيب تبليغ مناك ويا الحبيب” اقطف معاه زهر الحياة مدام هواك وافق هواه إخلص الية واطلب رضاه وابلغ مناك ويا الحبيب “Rejoice my heart, you’ll live your dreams with your love, Your desire has matched your love, so be loyal, .please your love, your hopes will be fulfilled.”

and my painting of Um Kolthoum: