By Zaid Taji Farouki

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Born In A System

Considering how to present our collections from this day forward as an artist and the creative designer for the brand I have decided that we will not abide by the fashion system of showing months before the collection is ready in the atelier, or even the necessity to have a 6 month interval between each collection. As my creations will have pieces that will go with the season it will be presented in. As an artist that uses fashion as his medium the emergence of a new theme for my creations will appear once I feel that I have presented everything that I have. And a new distinct theme and circumstance have taken over my conscience and it becomes what I notice every minute of every hour of every day.

Inspired by Claude Monet’s fascination with Water Lilies and painting over 250 oil paintings of them until his death. I knew I had to follow his art of obsession. I Imagine my creations with every breath and living moment, I envision my woman in her surrounding moving to the sound of her own drums. Then one day my eyes encouter a beautiful subject across a pond, allowing me to forget the past and move forward wandering and studying her art of seduction, it’s features, and its ever growing beauty in my eyes and therefore a new muse and theme arise.

أصمم مجموعتي بنظره مستوحاه من أفكاري و معتقداتي الفنية ، فاقدم الأزياء من بعد أن أتخيل و استلهم من ما يدور من حولي ، مع كل نفس و لحظه في يومي لاخرجها بصبغه فنيه فأنا أعامل تصاميمي كمجموعه فنيه كامله و أقوم بإصدارها وتنفيذها و إنتاجها تباعا، حتى أشعر بإكتمال لنظرتي الفنيه  ولفكرة العمل و تقديمها بما يليق بها حتى وإن إمتد الأسلوب لأكثر من موسم فأنا لا أعتمد أسلوب العرض التقليدي و النظام المتبع له. أستهوي اسلوب الفنان كلود مونييه في التعبير عن إبداعاته الفنيه بإستمراره بإستنفاذ كل أساليب الرسم لزهره الزنبقه المائيه حتى وصل إنتاجه إلى ٢٥٠ لوحه فنيه فأرى نفسي أقرب إلى إنتهاج دربه في التعبير الفني عن نفسي.

أتخيل إمرأه تتواجد في بركه ماء تجذبني تسرقني من ما هو حولي لأنسى نفسي معها وأتقرب إليها لتغويني فأرى جمالها يتزايد في عيني و ينشاء في وجداني و عقلي عشق جديد و تسآئل أكبر يشغل عقلي فتترآى لي أفكاري و يبدأ إستلهامي.

En ce qui concerne la façon dont nous allons présenter nos collections a partir de ce jour : En tant qu’artiste et Designer de la marque, j’ai décidé que nous n’allons pas suivre le système classique du monde de la mode, qui consiste a montrer la collection avant que celle-ci ne soit prête à l’atelier, ou encore avoir six mois d’intervalle entre chaque collection. En effet, mes créations contiendront certaines pièces qui seront en harmonie avec la saison où ces dernières vont être présentées.

En tant qu’artiste qui considère la mode comme une inspiration, la naissance d’un nouveau thème pour mes créations n’apparaitra qu’une fois que je sentirai avoir tout donné et présenté. C’est à cet instant que ma conscience peut être envahi par un nouveau thème distinct. Ainsi, celui ci deviendra mon obsession, chose que j’observerai chaque minute de la journée.

Cependant, inspiré par la fascination de Claude Monet par les Nymphéas et également par les 250 peintures à l’huile, qu’il a produites jusqu’à la fin de ses jours, je savais que je devais suivre son chemin et m’inspirer de son art pour l’obsession.

Chaque instant de la vie et chaque souffle contribuent à l’imagination de mes créations. Effectivement, j’imagine chaque mouvement de la femme : de ses gestes au son de ses propres battements.

Et puis un jour, mes yeux se posent sur une créature divine traversant une rivière, qui me permet d’oublier le passé et me consacrer à l’avenir, pensant et essayant de comprendre son art de séduction, ses traits et sa beauté qui ne cesse de croitre à mes yeux.

Ainsi, une nouvelle muse et un nouveau thème prennent place.


The $55 Million Watch

Graff unveiled the $55 Million at the 2014 BaselWorld fair. It is made out of 110 Carat watch made of rare diamonds and thousands of hours of craftsmanship, design, and research to create “The Hallucination Watch”  The concept of the Graff Hallucination came directly from Laurence Graff. He commented on his work saying; ” The Graff Hallucination is a sculptural masterpiece; a celebration of the miracle of coloured diamonds. For many years I have thought about creating a truly remarkable watch that illustrates our consuming passion for diamonds. The Hallucination has made my diamond dream a reality!”

Graff $ 55 million watch Hallucination

Graff $ 55 million watch


Statement Pieces – DYLANLEX

Founded by the young designer Drew Ginsburg each DYLANLEX piece is crafted in New York city using Crystals and antiqued metals to create pieces that mix modern edge with the elegance of tradition. I am obseesed with two pieces of hers the “Ryker” and the “Falkor”. Take a look for yourself and I hope you like them as much as I do. They would look great with a simple dress! Specially that Spring and Summer are just around the corner and we can get to show more of our accessories, as we won’t be all layered up!

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The “Falkor” necklace:

The “Ryker” necklace:

Valentine Gifts – Azza Fahmy

Today I just realized that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. For the people in love they might have already started searching for a gift or have already bought a gift. For the single people out there consider this as a day to appreciate yourself and look back at how much change has happened in the past year. Nevertheless, even a single person should go buy themselves a gift. You should declare your love to yourself! This goes to both the single people out there and the couples, nothing feels better than embracing every single moment, feeling present, happy, and grateful for everything.
Well if this year’s Valentine’s Day means you either have to buy yourself a present or for a loved one, here are some options I came across by Azza Fahmy for him and her.

My two most favorite pieces are the key chain and the necklace that turn into two pieces with “مكانك في القلب هو القلب كله” “Your place in my heart is the whole of it” inscribed on it. The quote is by Persian writer Mansur Al-Hallaj.

My other favorite piece is the men’s ring that reads “إن غبت لم ألق إنساناً يؤانسني “When you are far I’m alone in this world.” by Ibn Zaydun.

Other pieces from the collection include a charm bracelet with “يالي شغلت البال ياريت أكون على بالك” ”I wish I was on your mind as much as you are on mine” engraved on it. Words by Egyptian Poet Ahmed Ramy and sung by Umm Kulthumm in 1931

The ring that reads “الهوى”; one of the many Arabic names of ‘Love’

And the diamond inspired earring with ‘Happiness’ ‘سعادة’ engraved into it.

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Azza Fahmy + Umm Kolthoum = Suma Collection

As everyone around me knows I am obsessed with Um Kolthoum or a matter of fact the whole Middle East is obsessed with Um Kolthoum. Um Kolthoum is a woman with a great power in her voice which enables her to move one’s emotions and mood by just listening to one of her songs. (Which by the way average about an hour each). As a sign of how obsessed I am with her I actually painted my own painting of her and her lyrics. (A picture of the painting can be found below). Furthermore, Um Kolthoum’s songs were able to delete and cancel any age barrier to one’s taste in music. You grow up hearing your parents and grandparents listen to her songs, by the time you are in your early teenage years you probably said “ekhhh I don’t want to listen to these old songs” But as soon as you are in high-school or even in college there is something that makes you want her music to be on replay all day long. There is something about her songs that even if you have heard them for a 100 times you still sing to them and learn new lyrics and realize new meanings to her words that you have never understood before. If you read out the sentence inscribed on the jewelry, a person would surely be able to continue singing the song. Take a look at the lyrics used as well as the collection.

Ps. If I were a woman I would definitely would love to pull-off a few of these pieces… & don’t forget to click on the images below to enlarge them.

These sentences include:
•”سلاماً شباب النيل في كل موقف” “Peace be upon the youth of the Nile in every stance they take.”

• “أنا الي أعطيتك من غير متتكلم، أن إلي علمتك من غير متتعلم” “القلب يعشق كل جميل” “I was yours before you uttered a word. I taught you but you haven’t learned” “The heart adores all that is beautiful”

•”عودت عيني على رؤياك وقلبي سلم لك أمري… وان مر يوم من غير رؤياك…ما ينحسبش من عمري” “My eyes are used to the sight of you, my heart has given you its reigns A day that passes without you cannot be counted in my days”

•“”حبيب امبارح و حبيب دلوقتي… ياحبيبى لبكره ولآخر وقتى “Your love is my rhythm and my rhyme. Yesterday, today and till the end of time.””أمل حياتي”

•”عودت عيني على رؤياك” “My eyes are used to the sight of you”

•“”أمل حياتى… ياحب غالى “You are the hope of my life, you are my precious love.”

•”جمال الدنيا يحلالي وانا وياك” “Life is beautiful only when I’m with you.”

•” افرح يا قلبي لك نصيب تبليغ مناك ويا الحبيب” اقطف معاه زهر الحياة مدام هواك وافق هواه إخلص الية واطلب رضاه وابلغ مناك ويا الحبيب “Rejoice my heart, you’ll live your dreams with your love, Your desire has matched your love, so be loyal, .please your love, your hopes will be fulfilled.”

and my painting of Um Kolthoum:

Hair & Jewel

a recreation of Graff’s 1970s advertising campaign in black and white of a model wearing a modest £1 million of jewels tucked into her hair. To celebrate the 60th anniversary in the jewellery business, Graff decided to recreate the advertisement with jewelry worth half a billion dollars. The jewels used are the 550ct Letseng Star, the 14 largest white diamond ever discovered and bought by Graff in 2011 it also includes a 10.47ct Fancy Vivid Blue briolette diamond pendant, a 52.73ct Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond ring and a 6.51ct Fancy Intense Pink diamond ring.

Take a look at the 70’s advertisement and this years advertisement.
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GRAFF diamond 500 Million

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 7.27.18 PM


Last November, I came across a new line of Jewelry named Shourouk. Named after her, Shourouk is a Parisian of Tunisian heritage she started her career by working for Chloé, Galliano, Gaultier, Roberto Cavalli and starting this month she launched a limited collection with Swarovski to be sold in their stores. Some of her designs can be found on I came across her campaign and I am obsessed, a true inspiration. Her necklaces are what I love most.

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Chopard For Diana

Diana is a film based on the life of Princes Diana, the film is due for release in September. With Naomi Watts portraying Princess Diana in the movie, she looks amazing with the custom made Chopard jewelry. Chopard just launched the images of the jewelry recently, and here are the images.

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Bulgari & Carla Bruni

Carla Bruni the former First Lady of France stars in the new Bulgari campaign for the “Diva Collection”. The former First Lady may have stopped modeling, but she explains her return by pointing out how she adored a Bulgari bracelet her aunt when Carla was a child, and she had to model for the brand because it was part of her childhood.   “Like the stones of the Seventies bracelet that my aunt wore when I was a child. I loved that bracelet. I loved its joy, its fantasy,I dreamed of one day possessing such a wonder of my own! I was told that, like me, it came from Italy to Paris. Perhaps that was part of why I loved it, too.”

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Dior – Secret Garden, Versailles

In May 2012 Dior launched a short film called Secret Garden – Versailles. A few days ago Dior uploaded a new short film named Secret Garden 2 – Versailles. I am fascinated by the gold necklace in the film, I tell you I would turn twice if I see a woman who wears that necklace. Underneath the video there are a few still shots that inspire me and help me visualize a woman that I would personally design for.

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 9.09.02 PM

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 9.08.07 PM

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 9.06.45 PM

Chopard – 66th Cannes Film Festival

Chopard’s celebrated the Cannes Film Festival by creating a collection of 66 one-of-a-kind pieces, one for each year of the festival’s history.  Chopard’s co-President  Caroline Scheufele said: “I very much wanted to pay tribute to the finest sentiments. The red carpet collection is sparkling with shimmering colours, including bright red accents like the fire of passion, as well as heart-shaped precious stones, one of my favourite cuts.” Below you will find some pieces from the collection, I couldn’t decide what from the collection is my most favorite piece.

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Daily Obsessions

I came across these necklaces by Chanel and they are to die for. But by far my most favorite is the pink necklace. Take a look at my favorite pieces:

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Daily Obsessions

Today I stumbled upon a jewelry line called Fenton. Fenton was started in 2006 by designer Dana Lorenz she studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, she later worked for Gucci and Donna Karan. Here are my favorite looks from her collection.

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The Great Gatsby by Tiffany & Co.

Yesterday I mentioned how Brooks Brothers launched a line dedicated to The Great Gatsby. In the next few days Tiffany & Co.’s windows will be dedicated to the book and movie. In the meanwhile they are now selling their collection online. My most favorite pieces from the collection are: the head piece that gets converted to a brooch, the pearl tassel necklace, and the diamond beads and black spinel necklace. Here are all the pieces I liked:

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Statement Pieces

A few weeks ago I walked into the Omega boutique in Saudi Arabia and I saw the new Aqua Bracelet by Omega. They bracelets stayed on my mind and a few days ago I decided to go ask about them here at the Washington DC boutique. I love these uni-sex bracelets because they are statements as well as having a classic quality. The Aqua Bracelet comes in two different materials rubber and leather. The majority of the bracelets are made out of rubber. Because of the rubber material the bracelet can be worn at all times.

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