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Alexander Wang For H&M

In a collaboration that’s meant to hit stores on the 6th of November, Alexander Wang and H&M gave us a preview of what is yet to come. In an interview with Wang explained the idea and motive behind the collection “H&M has done a great job in the past with archive-based collaborations, But I wanted to create a collection where most of the pieces have been designed from scratch. There are only a couple of items that are updates from past designs. Rather than creating affordable versions of expensive items, I wanted to design true performance pieces that are within the natural price points of sportswear of H&M, so we were able to create the best version of these pieces, through our vocabulary.”

Pictures taken from WWD and

Milan Men’s Fashion Week – Throwback

Here are some images from Milan Men’s Fashion Week that I haven’t managed to share with you. They were taken on the first day of the fashion shows. I hope you enjoy them as much as you enjoyed the previous ones!


As I may have mentioned before, I have a friend visiting me here in Italy, and we decided that we should take a trip to Rome as we both haven’t been there before. So we hopped on a train heading from Milano to Roma and decided we should spend three nights. Hoping that they would be enough to see this eternal city everyone talks about!

As soon as we arrived we checked into our rooms and off we went to explore, yes we embraced our inner Marco Polos and headed out. On our first day we got to see the Spanish Steps, Fontana di Trevi, Piazza Navona and The Pantheon. We have these two sayings in Arabic that perfectly define our experience:

قليل البخت لا يتعب ولا يشقى ( 1  (He who has no luck should not waste his time working)

2) قليل البخت يلاقي العضم في الكرشة (He who has no luck would find a bone while eating a sheep’s intestine- which usually has no bones)

We went to the Fontana di Trevi and it was under construction. We went to the Spanish steps and part of it was also under construction. Exhausted from the long walks we decided to head back to the hotel to freshen up and get changed for dinner. I can safely say I gained 5 kg within a week. Here are some images from yesterday:



To kick off the world cup in style and fashion I was invited to the Shiseido event in Sephora in Milan. The theme of the event was “Brazilian Summer Party”. Everything there was perfectly setting the mood for the first game of the season! The music, the drinks, the fruits being passed around, and not to forget the scorching heat! (Yes Milan has been having an abnormal heat wave, where two showers a day won’t even cool you down). Here are some images from the event!

Also an update on my life I just got to Rome today! I will update you about my first day here in Roma tomorrow! But for now I better start getting ready for dinner! Arrivederci!

P.S. It looks like I am doing some sort of a dougie but trust me I wasn’t. I was just rocking some great harem pants (shirwal), a top from Zara, a shirt from Ralph Lauren around my waist, and my favorite Dolce & Gabbana shoes.

The Resurrection of The Denim Overalls

A few weeks ago while window shopping I spotted these pair of denim overalls at Zara and I convinced myself that I shouldn’t buy the, because I wouldn’t wear them. But a few days ago I was walking next to Zara and they were still on my mind and I knew I had to go buy them. They reminded me of the 90’s (the child in me wanted to wear them with a Disney shirt) they reminded me of the matching denim overalls me my brother used to wear and to the time where they were the coolest thing. But I didn’t get the chance to wear them until last night where I was invited to an event by Michael Kors and ELLE here in Milan in the Michael Kors boutique on Corso Vittorio Emanuele. We got to see his new summer collection as well as try them out. I can officially say, go buy yourself a pair of denim overalls again! They are comfortable with so many ways to wear them. You can go from wearing them on the streets of Milan to wearing them while farming, all you need is a cowboy hat with it (No don’t ever wear that unless its for an editorial or costume). Well anyways here are some photos from last night!

Today I am off to an event by 1177 so stay tuned for what happens tonight! ImageImageImage

Outfit details: Zara Overall; GAP lenin shirt; Dolce & Gabbana shoes; Italia Independent sunglasses; Hermes, Omega and Fendi bracelets.


I don’t know why I haven’t blogged about this before. (Insert slamming my head) I have to actually keep up with my blog I cant keep work taking over like this. Hopefully the next two days will put me back on track.
Well let’s go back in time and talk about the second day of Milan Men’s Fashion Week.
After being able to access the runway shows the day before we decided to try to get into the other shows as well. We ended up going to Ports as well as Etro. The first show we went to was Ports and trust me it was a spectacular day, Ports’ venue was just magical. A small show room that is pure Italian that created this couturier ambiance.
After Ports we decided to go test our luck with going to Gucci, but of course it was tight as Fort Knox and there was no way to enter but luckily I got to meet Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist.
After the show started we decided to head to the next fashion show event, Etro. We got there early and waited and during the show we saw Anna Dello Russo again and Franca Sozzani. The Etro fashion show was just pure genius, I loved every moment of it as well as sending a signal as they are a multi-generational brand where both old and young models went down the runway together. Sending the message that they are still relevant to the consumers no matter what their ages are.
And like that we ended fashion week, as we had to catch up on so much work we didn’t do during these two days.
You can find the pictures below and stay posted so I can update you about my trip to Verona, discuss the couture shows, and the random people I meet in my life. I hope you enjoy the images!

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Milan Men’s Fashion Week

Today is one of these days where I can go to bed and say “it was a great day”. Like a typical Sunday, I got up early but forced myself back to sleep. I was woken up with a call from a friend of mine informing me that she had just seen the Ferragamo fashion show and they are planning on going to see Vivienne Westwood’s runway show as well. I got out of bed, got dressed, and ran out like a maniac. We met up and off we went on our crazy fashion show adventure. We got to see the Vivienne Westwood show, as well as Missoni, and sadly we couldn’t get into Prada but we got to see the street style there.
During the fashion shows we got to see many style icons. The first people we actually met actually work in fashion and they live in Washington DC (Represent!) and then we met a Marangoni alumni Yu Lee who is a stylist, fashion blogger and reporter she runs the blog (she can be seen In between the images below, wearing a blue fur jacket while mixing it up with red.) Then at Missoni we got to meet Angela Missoni, Mariano Di Vaio as well as Riccardo Pozzoli.
While I was waiting for the Prada show I saw Anna Dello Russo, Brian Atwood and his partner Jake Deutsch, Olga Rink, and Suzy Menkes.
The images below are a mix of street style as well as famous people. Hopefully tomorrow will be as crazy as today was! Enjoy!


















Outfit Obsession

This season I am obsessed with outfits like these for men, and variations of these outfits are currently my go to outfits in the winter. First of all the comfortable fabric of the joggjeans by Diesel is amazing training pants that are jeans, pure genius. Also the high-low fashion the ability for fashion houses such as MSGM and Kenzo to take street fashion (a sweatshirt) and turn it into a high fashion product is impeccable. In this photo the eye curler sweatshirt is by MSGM. Paired with the most comfortable shoes for this season fur lined combat boots by Zegna. 


DAY 363

So today has been one of those annoying sick days, where you stay in bed all day and don’t know where the day goes until you realize its dark outside. Starting last night I cam down with a cold, a special thank you to my mom for passing the cold to me. Well anyways I have had these hiccups that started at around 3 am and they haven’t stopped up until now. I am literally dying, my back cramps with every hiccup. I have tried everything to stop it but no use what so ever. The hiccups have made me lose my sanity. Of course I tried googling “The hiccups song” so I can sing to it and after not finding anything  I chose to sing “You spin me right round, baby.. Right round like a record, baby…Right round round round..” I am of course singing The Dead or Alive version not Flo-Rida’s version. On the bright side today I got to see the sunrise, also I got to hear the people going to work blasting Fayrouz early in  the morning, and I think I got to watch every single TV show I didn’t get to see over the year.

Ok I better stop rambling before I prove myself insane and lose all the people I know……. “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
Zip-A-Dee-A …..” (Ok joking) now back on track. As New York Fashion week is going on and I am stuck in bed, I think I have seen the fashion shows from all point of views. Thanks to Instagram, blogs, and runway pictures and video I have seen the fashion shows from all point of views  whether its from bloggers, fashion designers, brands, celebrities and magazines. OK THE HICCUPS ARE SERIOUSLY GETTING ON MY NERVES, I am starting to sound like Scooby-Doo right now.

Well today I am obsessed with Lacoste’s runway show, I actually liked the men’s clothing more than the women’s to tell you the truth. But here are my 12 favorite looks out of all 49 shown today.

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Photos taken by Fabio Iona/

Daily Obsessions

I have previously spoken about my obsession with jackets, but today I want to specifically talk about my obsession with leather jackets. To me the best at giving you the biker look is Belstaff. Today I visited their website and I think I put my goals to perspective that I need to be able the biker look as soon as possible. But I doubt I am anywhere near that with the scorching heat that is in The Middle East as well as the weight gain thanks to my mom and grandma and a shout out for their great food that I cant resist. On the other hand I would probably be pacing my kitchen in a few weeks in Milan trying to figure out what I can throw together to make something edible. Well back to Belstaff and the jackets, take a look at it yourself and tell me you wouldn’t want to pull this look. I am specifically obsessed with the look with the model sitting on the floor next to his bike.

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Pictures taken from Belstaff

My Cruella de Vil Moment

Now that I finally booked my flight to Milan on the 15th of September. I started thinking of what I should pack to take with me now that the summer is almost over. While browsing some collections online I came across these two fur coats by Tom Ford and my jaw dropped. Yes, I had my Cruella de Vil moment.  I couldn’t choose which fur coat looked better therefore I couldn’t decide which one to post. But I know for a fact that I would love to pull the black fur coat look. I also love the tuxedo underneath the black coat. Don’t get me wrong that I don’t like the brown one but I would probably go with the black one.


Tom Ford men's brown fur coat

Tom Ford Men's black fur coat

To Wear, Or Not To Wear?

I came across these belts by Ermenegildo Zegna and everyday I look at them and wonder if I purchase one how creepy would I look like. Would I be the guy that writes his name on a buckle, or like that has s*x on his buckle, or the guy with the LED scrolling message?  I wonder how stupid would I look with my name starting with Z and wearing a buckle with a Z, or would it be normal?  To wear, or not to wear, that’s the question.

taken from

Once Upon A Time

“Once Upon A Time” is a short 13 minute film created by Karl Lagerfeld which tells the story about Coco Chanel’s start and her inspirations. Although the short film was shown in May I just came across it today and I couldn’t help but watch it a few times before posting it here. In the film there are a few shots that inspire me as well and I have screenshot these moments below. The long neck-collar of the man in his car, the long boots on men, the obscene amount of pearls that can be worn by a woman without looking ridiculous, and the use of unusual material at the time to create custom made clothing.

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My Shopping Finds

The other day I saw this Etro scarf for men and I was fascinated with the print and material. Perfect for adding color in the winter but its not too bright as well.

Pictures were taken from Mr. Porter


Two weekends ago I went with a group of friends to Miami in order to celebrate a birthday and graduation. During the visit I got to see an old friend of mine from Jordan that attended university there. It was great to catch up! One of the days we went to a restaurant called The Rusty Pelican and we took a picture that I really like. That day I was wearing a t-shirt in blue from Zara, wearing printed shorts from H&M, red penny loafers from Barney’s, and Persol sunglasses.