Daily Obsessions

by zaiddor

I have previously spoken about my obsession with jackets, but today I want to specifically talk about my obsession with leather jackets. To me the best at giving you the biker look is Belstaff. Today I visited their website and I think I put my goals to perspective that I need to be able the biker look as soon as possible. But I doubt I am anywhere near that with the scorching heat that is in The Middle East as well as the weight gain thanks to my mom and grandma and a shout out for their great food that I cant resist. On the other hand I would probably be pacing my kitchen in a few weeks in Milan trying to figure out what I can throw together to make something edible. Well back to Belstaff and the jackets, take a look at it yourself and tell me you wouldn’t want to pull this look. I am specifically obsessed with the look with the model sitting on the floor next to his bike.

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Pictures taken from Belstaff