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From London With Love

Arguably the second most iconic family in Britain right after The Windsors are the Beckhams. They have had an eventful couple of days as Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) was named entrepreneur of the year and Romeo was featured as the face of the most recent Burberry campaign named “From London With Love” which was inspired by inspired by “the golden age of romantic musicals”. It is breath taking to see an iconic brand with so much heritage presenting to us a short film that just fills us with emotion.

P.S. Victoria and David when are we signing my adoption papers?

Alexander Wang For H&M

In a collaboration that’s meant to hit stores on the 6th of November, Alexander Wang and H&M gave us a preview of what is yet to come. In an interview with Wang explained the idea and motive behind the collection “H&M has done a great job in the past with archive-based collaborations, But I wanted to create a collection where most of the pieces have been designed from scratch. There are only a couple of items that are updates from past designs. Rather than creating affordable versions of expensive items, I wanted to design true performance pieces that are within the natural price points of sportswear of H&M, so we were able to create the best version of these pieces, through our vocabulary.”

Pictures taken from WWD and

Daily Obsessions

So now that men’s fashion weeks have started and the streets of the fashion capitals are infested with greek deity figures. Lets present this post to all the men out there. With summer bringing in perfectly tanned bodies, open button down shirts, and endless beach parties; there is something we all have to agree on, there is nothing better than a perfectly accessorized man. With the perfect amount of layering, the man becomes so intriguing to others. Which creates an obsession of wanting to know the story behind this guy. As Evan Yurman puts it “From the beginning of time, man has had a need to adorn himself with things that mean something to him.”

David Yurman launched a new collection inspired by the SouthWest called the Frontier and I am obsessed with it!

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So a few days ago I can finally say I am done with fashion school. I know this may sound cliché but this year taught me so much about myself. After graduating from university I wanted to pursue my dream so I decided to apply to fashion schools and I ended up in Milan at Istituto Marangoni. The first few months I would describe as the hardest. The stress, the uncertainty, the learning curve- tough demands which can only be met by working through the nights. With all these factors I can definitely say I learnt more than I expected.The sleepless nights & anxiety attacks paid off eventually and I couldn’t be happier, with three collections in my portfolio.

This year wasn’t all about the academics, it was also about growing as a person and facing actual competition among peers. Previously in business school we were very competitive, but we somehow worked together in classes on projects, papers, etc that elevated us all together it was team work. But sadly in the creative world it is everyone for himself and having to constantly watch your back and work. Yes, people always managed to say snarky comments about your work  just to diminish you. A great example was a fellow student that on more than one occasion mentioned that my final painting on my garments was was awful. The first incident was when he said “it’s not the fabric that didn’t work, its your painting which is bad” or the other time where he said “you should hire someone better than you to paint the outfits!”. These comments were not even called for and he wasn’t asked for his opinion in the first place. Others claimed that they were fed wrong information for them to fail the exam. Let’s say we needed a reality TV show, I would love to pitch the idea to Bravo TV.

Some may think why am I sharing this sensitive information with the people reading my blog, well these moments were a new highlight in my life. For the first time in my life, I didn’t wish a person for the best in their lives. It was a new marking point, was I going to be one of those people that were ruthless? Did I loose my personality? Or was it just amplifying something hidden inside of me? But after much thought I realized it wasn’t any of the above. Anyone that knows me, knows how I wish the best for everyone and I would always be there if anyone needed assistance. But this time I had gotten to the point where you are welcome by my side where as friends/acquaintances we inspire each other and grow simultaneously. If that wasn’t the key factor and their main factor was to diminish me, as is I am already a harsh critic on myself so I don’t need their assistance. Although I will need their assistance in one thing, they further encourage me to prove them wrong.

The day after I graduated I had to put on my professional look and head out to try to figure out whats the next step I need to take in order to leap onto my next goal. During my final exam I submitted my Spring/ Summer 2015 collection, but we also submitted finished look from our Fall Winter 2014/15 collection. I hope you like it!! Every piece was hand painted by me after the pieces were sewn to create customizable pieces that the wearer views as a piece of art rather than an average piece of clothing.

Untitled-1 Untitled-2

Outfit Obsession

This season I am obsessed with outfits like these for men, and variations of these outfits are currently my go to outfits in the winter. First of all the comfortable fabric of the joggjeans by Diesel is amazing training pants that are jeans, pure genius. Also the high-low fashion the ability for fashion houses such as MSGM and Kenzo to take street fashion (a sweatshirt) and turn it into a high fashion product is impeccable. In this photo the eye curler sweatshirt is by MSGM. Paired with the most comfortable shoes for this season fur lined combat boots by Zegna. 


12 Shoes For 12 Ex-Lovers

Never thought you could ever be inspired by an ex-lover?! Deep down the only thing you want is to forget them. But what if your inspiration from these ex-lovers bring you fortune and fame? Isn’t that the bet revenge?

A Chilean, New York-based artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz created 12 shoes that represent his 12 ex-lovers. The 12 shoes show each lover’s characteristics and eccentricities. Every shoe design comes with it’s own story that makes the names and designs even clearer.

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Pictures taken from Sebastian Errazuriz

McQueen & Hirst

For the 10th anniversary of the skull scarf, Alexander McQueen is collaborating again with Damien Hirst to create a new exclusive line of scarves. With 30 new designs and colors. Insects including: butterflies, bugs, spiders have been added to the scarf to create the signature skull logo. Take a look at the advertisement and the new collection!

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Going “Nude”

So I personally thought that this year was going to be the year where I jet of to Europe study during the week and travel and party during the weekend, WORNG. So This weekend I spent my entire weekend dedicated to finishing up my work. I did a fair amount of it. But perfectionist me, I am planning on repeating a large part of my homework. And I personally cant get myself to do it tonight, it has been a long exhausting weekend. But I have to admit never have I ever been so worried but so at ease and relaxed at the same time. Even without enough sleep I always manage to wake up before the alarm, waiting to see what the world has hidden for me. Its an oxymoron where I am so worried and tense but I feel somehow in center with myself and happy. These three weeks I believe had taught me something I never learnt before, is coming prepared and full of confidence but somehow in a second everything comes crashing down. Everything becomes wrong, I know this is a cliché but you dust yourself up and move on and find a better way to do things.

I haven’t posted a daily obsession recently, so here I am posting about the new shades of “nude” a new line that Christian Louboutin has launched for this upcoming season. Explaining “The shoes disappear like magic and become a fluid extension of the woman’s legs, as in a sketch, elongating the silhouette.” In order to achieve this appearance he launched the 5 different shades. And if you are finding trouble knowing which color best matches your skin, you can use a newly launched app to assist you with that. Here are the new shades of “nude”.

Daily Obsessions

Ever since I saw this print on Carolina Herrera’s runway I was obsessed. I even fell in love with it further after I saw the dress at a Saks Fifth Avenue store.

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 8.58.57 PM


Pictures taken from Moda Operandi

Oscar de la Renta

The name just describes it all Oscar de la Renta showed an amazing show as usual, I love the use of tweed and blue embroidery on white.

Pictures taken by Marcus Tondo /indigitalimages

DAY 363

So today has been one of those annoying sick days, where you stay in bed all day and don’t know where the day goes until you realize its dark outside. Starting last night I cam down with a cold, a special thank you to my mom for passing the cold to me. Well anyways I have had these hiccups that started at around 3 am and they haven’t stopped up until now. I am literally dying, my back cramps with every hiccup. I have tried everything to stop it but no use what so ever. The hiccups have made me lose my sanity. Of course I tried googling “The hiccups song” so I can sing to it and after not finding anything  I chose to sing “You spin me right round, baby.. Right round like a record, baby…Right round round round..” I am of course singing The Dead or Alive version not Flo-Rida’s version. On the bright side today I got to see the sunrise, also I got to hear the people going to work blasting Fayrouz early in  the morning, and I think I got to watch every single TV show I didn’t get to see over the year.

Ok I better stop rambling before I prove myself insane and lose all the people I know……. “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
Zip-A-Dee-A …..” (Ok joking) now back on track. As New York Fashion week is going on and I am stuck in bed, I think I have seen the fashion shows from all point of views. Thanks to Instagram, blogs, and runway pictures and video I have seen the fashion shows from all point of views  whether its from bloggers, fashion designers, brands, celebrities and magazines. OK THE HICCUPS ARE SERIOUSLY GETTING ON MY NERVES, I am starting to sound like Scooby-Doo right now.

Well today I am obsessed with Lacoste’s runway show, I actually liked the men’s clothing more than the women’s to tell you the truth. But here are my 12 favorite looks out of all 49 shown today.

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Photos taken by Fabio Iona/

Maison Martin Margiela X Converse

Maison Martin Margiela just launched a capsule collection with Converse. And I am obsessed with the crispness of the white.

Pictures taken from Vogue

New York Fashion Week

As Fashion Week kicks off in New York and designers preview their collections I am sitting here in Amman with my cup of chamomile tea viewing all the collections.  Meanwhile trying to finish a course introductory book that the university sent me before I leave for Milan.

Back to fashion….. So today many designers previewed and my favorite out of all of them are Robert Rodriguez, ZAC Zac Posen, and Red Valentino. Bellow you will find slideshows made of my favorite looks from each show.

Robert Rodriguez

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ZAC Zac Posen 

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RED Valentino 

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Pictures taken from RED Valentino, Robert Rodriguez, and ZAC Zac Posen


My Projects

My sister and I attacked an accessories store here in Amman or as we call it “Ma7al kharabeesh”. In the store, my sister and I decided that we should start a handicraft project to make bracelets and necklaces that she could use. So me, my sister and mother started choosing colors, beads,  and pendents to use.

About a month ago I spoke about wanting to start a new painting. You can read about it in my previous post here “My Thoughts”.  You will find also a picture of what I have done so far with the painting.

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Last November, I came across a new line of Jewelry named Shourouk. Named after her, Shourouk is a Parisian of Tunisian heritage she started her career by working for Chloé, Galliano, Gaultier, Roberto Cavalli and starting this month she launched a limited collection with Swarovski to be sold in their stores. Some of her designs can be found on I came across her campaign and I am obsessed, a true inspiration. Her necklaces are what I love most.

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