Valentine Gifts – Azza Fahmy

by zaiddor

Today I just realized that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. For the people in love they might have already started searching for a gift or have already bought a gift. For the single people out there consider this as a day to appreciate yourself and look back at how much change has happened in the past year. Nevertheless, even a single person should go buy themselves a gift. You should declare your love to yourself! This goes to both the single people out there and the couples, nothing feels better than embracing every single moment, feeling present, happy, and grateful for everything.
Well if this year’s Valentine’s Day means you either have to buy yourself a present or for a loved one, here are some options I came across by Azza Fahmy for him and her.

My two most favorite pieces are the key chain and the necklace that turn into two pieces with “مكانك في القلب هو القلب كله” “Your place in my heart is the whole of it” inscribed on it. The quote is by Persian writer Mansur Al-Hallaj.

My other favorite piece is the men’s ring that reads “إن غبت لم ألق إنساناً يؤانسني “When you are far I’m alone in this world.” by Ibn Zaydun.

Other pieces from the collection include a charm bracelet with “يالي شغلت البال ياريت أكون على بالك” ”I wish I was on your mind as much as you are on mine” engraved on it. Words by Egyptian Poet Ahmed Ramy and sung by Umm Kulthumm in 1931

The ring that reads “الهوى”; one of the many Arabic names of ‘Love’

And the diamond inspired earring with ‘Happiness’ ‘سعادة’ engraved into it.

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